You can read all about our spa services below. If you have any questions about our treatments, we invite you to contact SIR Spa for more information.

SIR Customized Massage 60mins $130 | 90mins $165 |  120mins $210
Whether you seek relief for overexerted muscles, or simply want your mind and body to escape reality, your massage therapist will customize your treatment using a variety of techniques to achieve relaxation, rejuvenation, and results.

Tune-Up Massage Add-On $70
Focus on your back, neck and shoulders for targeted relief. Great as a continued maintenance massage for chronic sore body areas.

Reflexology Add-On $35
Ancient therapy founded on reflex & pressure points targeted on your hands and feet. This hand and foot massage is a great addition to any massage for further tension relief.

Scalp Massage Add-On $35
Invigorating, deep massage of your thinking cap. Warm oil with a stimulating aromatherapy blend, worked through your hair and scalp, takes all your stress away.

Hot Stone Massage Add-On $175
Feel your body melt as the warmth of heated, smooth basalt stones release the deepest tension in your muscles. Highly synchronized massage techniques with the stones stimulate your body muscles and help increase circulation.