Jack Black

Post Shave Cooling Gel

Soothing, alcohol free after-shave treatment.
  • Helps heal minor nicks and cuts
  • Prevents razor burn, irritated skin and redness
  • Also reduces pain and redness of sunburn

Size: 3.3 oz


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Art of Shaving

After-Shave Balm

Soothe, refresh, and regenerate.
  • Cools razor burn
  • Great to use in dry winter months
  • Unscented, Lavender or Sandalwood

Size: 4 oz


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Art of Shaving

Styptic Pen

For shaving nicks and cuts.
  • Stops the bleeding
  • Calms razor burn and soothes irritations
  • Alum – effective antiseptic properties

Size: 0.8 oz


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